APRIL 2018

New album by Die Wilde Jagd.
"Uhrwald Orange" out now!

Finally! Die Wilde Jagd release second album "Uhrwald Orange". Channelled into his band, Sebastian Lee Philipp's obsession for the recording studio Uhrwald Orange unleashes a uniquely spellbinding project of minimalist, tenebrous intensity. This album weaves a dense, atmospheric web of drama, romance, ecstasy and melancholy. CD/vinyl/stream/download available now.

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MARCH 2018

Milestone of French synth space rock:
First two HELDON albums reissued

Heldon were the most important French electronic space rock musicians. The band were Richard Pinhas with a variety of guest musicians on different tracks. The debut "Electronique Guerilla" (1974) is a psychedelic sonic symbiosis of Pinhas' 1954 Gibson Les Paul and his EMS Synthi AKS. It even features a special guest appearance by the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze reciting Nietzsche! On the second album "Allez Téia" (1975) Pinhas has formed a duo with Georges Grunblatt. The music is a fanstastic interplay of feather-light acoustic guitars, Mellotron textures, fuzzy sounds and heavy, spherical synthesizers. Out now! CD/vinyl/download/stream

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Richard Pinhas and HELDON on tour:

Richard Pinhas + Kapital
April 12: Lodz (PL), Farbyka Sztuki
April 13: Warszawa (PL), Nina
April 14: Gdansk (PL), Klub Zak
April 15: Krakow (PL), Alchemia

Richard Pinhas solo
April 21: Bordeaux, location TBA
May 31: Red Bull Music Academy (with Stephen O'Malley)

HELDON (RP with Florian Tatard and Arthur Nancy)
April 18: Copenhagen (DK), Alice
July 14: London (UK), Cafe OTO

Station 17 vs. Bureau B artists
New album "Blick" out now

New production from the artist collective founded in 1990, comprising musicians with and without disabilities. Following releases on Mute, Mercury and What's So Funny About, this is their tenth album and their first on Bureau B. Guests: Jean-Hervé Peron and Zappi Diermaier from faUSt, Günter Schickert, Ulrich Schnauss, Pyrolator, Harald Grosskopf + Eberhard Kranemann, Andreas Dorau, Schneider TM, Andreas Spechtl and Datashock! CD/vinyl/stream/download available now.

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TYNDALL reissued for the first time!
"Sonnenlicht" + "Traumland" out now!

The two electronic sonic inventors Jürgen Krehan and Rudolf Langer founded Tyndall in the year 1980, naming their duo after a light scattering phenomenon in physics. Armed with an impressive array of instruments, devices and home-made synthesizers, they created free and easy electronic music in the style of the Berlin School (Berliner Schule), much to the liking of the legendary Sky Records who released their debut album "Sonnenlicht" in 1980. One year later they came up with the more experimental "Traumland". Bureau B releases the four albums Tyndall have recorded. "Sonnenlicht" and "Traumland" are out now. The other two will follow later this year. These sought after gems have never been reissued before! CD/vinyl/download/stream

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R. Pinhas' "Rhizosphere" reissued

Richard Pinhas is one of the most important French electronic space rock musicians. Following five albums with HELDON, his band, Pinhas released his first solo record "Rhizosphere" in 1977. Backed by Heldon's congenial drummer Francois Auger but no longer bound by the group dynamic, he explores his freshly purchased Moog Modular system in search of new sounds. It marked a departure into new realms! CD/vinyl/stream/download available now.

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New Station 17 album coming soon!
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French electronic music unearthed:
FONDATION compilation out now

In the early 1980s, the French musical duo Fondation, comprising Ivan Coaquette and Anannka Raghel, released three tapes of fantastic electronic music which owed much to the experimentalism of the seventies. Synthesizer, organ, drum computer, solo guitar. Repetitive, meditative, hypnotic. Between ambient and synth pop. "Les Cassettes 1980—1983" presents a selection of their finest pieces.

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Die Wilde Jagd
Uhrwald Orange

Electronique Guerilla


Brockmann // Bargmann
Apokalypse Berlin




Richard Pinhas

Damenbartblick auf Pregnant Hill

Les Cassettes 1980—1983
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